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11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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Subaha ka Nashta

Veg. Sandwich (4 pc)
(Tomato, Cucumber, Cream, Butter)
Chicken Fritter
(8 pcs Fried Chicken Balls with Mint-Chutney)
Cheese Sandwich ( 4 pc)
(Melted Cheese with Veg.)
Egg Fritter
(Egg coreud with Chick Pea Batter)
Butter Slice
(Slice if Bread with Butter)
Finger Chips
(Fried Potato with Black Salt)
Butter Toast
(Toasted Bread with Butter)
Veg. Burger
(Aloo Tikki, Beans, Peas, Daniya)
Club Sandwich (Veg.)
(Cheese, Vegetable)
Veg. Cutlet
(Aloo, Beans, Peas)
Chicken Sandwich (4 pc)
(Minced Chicken with Bread)
Cheese Cutlet
(Paneer Stuffing with Mint Sauce)
Egg Sandwich (4 pc)
(Egg with Bread)
Veg. Pakora
(Aloo, Onion, Cauli, Flower)
Mutton Sandwich
(Minced Mutton with Bread)
Paneer Pakora
(Paneer with Sauce)
Club Sandwich
(Chicken Minced, Cheese, Butter, Bread)
Cheese Finger
(Paneer Finger, with Sauce)
Egg, Tomato, Onion, Capsicum)
Mutton Burger
(Mutton Cutlet, Onion, Cheese, Buns)
Chicken Burger
(Chicken Cutlet, Onion, Cheese, Buns)
Chicken Chop (Cutlet)
(Chicken Cutlet with French Fries)
Mutton Chop (Cutlet)
Mutton-Minced Cutlet with Mint-Chutney)