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Monday to Sunday
11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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Soup Veg

Veg. Sweet Corn
(Sweet Corn goes with Mix Vegetable Stock)
Veg. Manchow
(Julien Vegetables goes with Chinese Stocks)
Veg. Hot & Sour *
(Cabbage, Carrot, Beans with Stock)
Veg. Onion Soup
(Onion Chopped with Stock)
Veg. Onion Soup
(Cabbage, Carrot with Stock)
Veg. Ginger Soup
(Ginger in Vegetable Stock)

Sou- Non Veg

Chicken Sweet Corn
(Sweet Corn goes with Chicken Stock)
Chicken Hot n Sour Soup *
(Minched Chicken with Vegetable)
Chicken Noodle Soup
(Diced Chicken with Noodle, Chicken Stock)
Chicken Peaking Soup
(Sliced Chicken with Chicken Stock)
Chicken Wonton Soup
(Vegetable Saresa with Vegetable Stock)
Chicken Manchow Soup
(Vegetable Chicken goes with Noodles)
Chicken Talumein Soup
(Boiled Noodles, Sliced Chicken, Chicken Stock)

Fried Rice

Veg. Fried Rice
(Rice with Mix Vegetable)
Egg Fried Rice
(Rice with Egg, Vegetable)
Chicken Fried Rice
(Diced Chicken, Fried Egg, Rice)
Mix Fried Rice
(Cheese, Mix Vegetable Mushrooms)
Mushroom Fried Rice
(Rice with sliced Mushroom)

Chow Mien

Hakkah Noodles
(Babycorn, Red Yellow Capsicum Mushroom)
Veg. Chowmien
(Noodles with Mix Vegetable)
Egg Chowmien
(Noodles with Eggs, Vegetable)
Chicken Chowmien
(Noodles with sliced Chicken)
Chicken Mil Mil
(Noodles with Chilly Chicken, Fried Rice)
Mix Chowmien
(Sliced Chicken, Mutton, Eggs, Vegetable)
Chilly Garlic Noodles *
(Garlic, Red Chilly, Vegetables)

Choupsuey, Sweet/Sour

Veg. Choupsuey
(Vegetable, Pineapple, Basy Corn)
American Choupsuey
(Chicken, Mutton, Fried Eggs)
Chicken Choupsuey
(Chicken with Choupsuey)
Veg. Sweet/Sour
(Sliced Vegetable, Mushroom, Vegetable)
Chicken Sweet/Sour
(Sliced Chicken, Vegetables)

Spring Roll/Foodyoungs

Veg. Spring Roll
(Carrot, Cabbage, Gobhi, Beans Mix Roll)
Chicken Spring Roll
(Chicken Roll with Vegetable)
Chicken Footoungs
(Chopped Chicken, Eggs, cisside Fooyoung)
Veg. Fooyoungs
(Vegetable Fooyoungs)

Chinese Special

Paneer Chilly *
(Cottage Cheese chilly, Onion, Capsicum, Ginger)
Veg Manchurian
(Vegetable Ball, Garlic Sauce)
Gobhi Manchurian
(Gobhi Balls with Manchurian)
Paneer Manchurian
(Cottage Cheese Balls goes with Garlic Sauce)
Mushroom Chilly *
(Chilly Mushroom, Ginger Garlic Sauce)
Paneer Sixty Five
(Cheese cottage goes with Chinese stock)
Chicken Chilly Boneles(Full)
(Boneless Chicken, Chilly, Onion)
Chicken Chilly (Half) *
(Garlic Sauce, Chilly, Ginger)
Chicken Garlic (Full)
(Garlic Sauce with Chicken)
Chicken Ginger (Full)
(Chicken with Ginger Sauce)
Chicken Pineapple
(Milk, Cream, Chicken, Pineapple Juice)
Chicken Sixty Five
(Chopped Onion, Capsicum Herbs and Spices)
Chicken Lemon
Boneless Chicken with Lemon Sauce)

* Spicy